Frequently Bought Together for Magento 2

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One of the best sales drives extensions to increase the conversion rate by displaying frequently bought products to customers on the product page based on customer behavior and the selected product.

  • Allows admin stores to enable and disable an extension in the backend.
  • Name the block of frequently bought together items from config.
  • Displays the product’s thumbnail image, name, and price.
  • Ability to restrict the number of native related products.
  • Allow admin users to manage frequently bought product's block position.
  • Enables shoppers to deselect or reselect suggested products to Cart.
  • Enables shoppers to add all products to Cart.
  • Automatically display an updated total price without loading the page.
  • Show product custom/swatch options in the pop-up box using ajax.
  • Supported with GraphQL
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2.3.*, 2.4.*
  • Developed By Certified Developers
    Developed By Certified Developers
  • Trusted Quality
    Trusted Quality
  • 90 days of free support
    90 Days of Free Support
  • 45 Day Moneyback Guarantee
    45 Day Moneyback Guarantee
  • Paid on-demand Customisation
    Paid on-demand Customisation
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    Free Updates


When a user visits a store and views a product, other related items can become a good recommendation for him to also buy other related stuff. However, this is very difficult to deal with a large number of his desired products when he has to manually add things to the cart by directing to other different product pages. You can see that this process is time-consuming and, unfortunately, unprofessional and annoying.

Magento 2 default product recommendations aren't really user-friendly and flexible. That's why it is very difficult for store owners to create exciting offers for customers.

This frequently bought together extension drives users to purchase more, as it automatically recommends relevant products to increase average cart total with minimum efforts. Buyers can even adjust the product’s options right on the original product page and see individual price and custom options of their selected items. It makes easy for them to see all the necessary information. Users can select or deselect products and add all the products to the cart with just one single click.

It will be a time-saving and user-friendly module for customers while shopping as they don't need to waste time finding other related products.


  • Easy to Config

    Easy to Config

    Admin can easily configure this extension as per there need from the back-end.

  • Multi-store Supported

    Multi-store Supported

    The admin can Enable/Disable extension for a specific store where this extension is not needed.

  • Add frequently bought products to the main product

    Add frequently bought products to the main product

    Display frequently bought products to the product detail page so customers can easily purchase other products.

  • Support custom/swatch options

    Support custom/swatch options

    If any of the frequently bought products has custom/swatch options then users can select that option.

  • Manage Position

    Manage Position

    Admin can manage and decide the position of where to display frequently bought products section.

  • Easily add products to the cart

    Easily add products to the cart

    Customers can easily add all products to the cart with just one click.

  • Support Ajax

    Support Ajax

    For all the products if the user makes any changes in selecting custom options , then all the changes will be updated using ajax.

  • Manually select/Deselect the products

    Manually select/Deselect the products

    Buyers can manually select or deselect products by ticking a small checkbox beside each item.


  • Easy to Config

    Easy to Config

    • In any case, the admin does not want to show frequently bought products for any particular store, then he can Enable/Disable module from the backend.
    • Frequently bought products display in the frontend only if the extension is enabled from configuration settings.
    • Admin can set a number of products to display in the frontend.
    • Admin can enable or disable the title for the frontend. He can also add or edit the title.
    • Admin can set the position to display frequently bought products.
    • Admin can select the position for frequently bought products such as content bottom, after product info main, before/after related or upsell product block and replace with upsell/related product section.
  • Admin can easily add or remove Frequently bought products

    Admin can easily add or remove Frequently bought products

    • Admin can easily add frequently bought products under the product edit page.
    • Admin can add similar products that can be bought with the main product.
    • Admin can also edit or add/remove new products whenever he wants.
    • Thus, Frequently Bought Together extension makes it easy for admins to manually add or remove products by selecting a product from the grid.
    • Admins do not need to go to each product’s page and add the products they can select N number of products from that tab.
  • Customers can add or remove items

    Customers can add or remove items

    • customers might feel happy with some items and find others unnecessary. Thus, Frequently Bought Together extension enables users to manually deselect or reselect products by ticking a small checkbox below each item.
    • Otherwise, buyers can always add all suggested items to their cart with ease only by a single click on the Add all to Cart button.
    • After clicking the add all to cart button, all the selected products will be directly added to the cart.
  • Support custom/swatch options using ajax

    Support custom/swatch options using ajax

    • A native related product might offer multiple options about color, size or materials. Customers will not have to access every single product page to select each item’s attributes.
    • This extension has an outstanding feature, it allows users to stay on one product and select products’ attributes with a user-friendly interface and simple manual actions.
    • In this extension after selecting products if any of the product contains a custom or swatch option then the user can select that particular product’s option in the pop-up box using ajax.
    • After selecting all the custom options, all the products will automatically be added to the cart.
  • Display product price and total price

    Display product price and total price

    • Frequently Bought Together extension will automatically display the total price of all products and also every single item’s price to make sure buyers get enough information.
    • In case buyers make any change in selecting the products, the total price will be changed automatically according to their selection with Ajax loading.
    • This feature will surely enhance your user's satisfaction.
Can I use Dolphin extension in multiple domains?
Yes, our license allows you to use our extension on multiple domains if they exist under the same Magento instance. If the multiple domains exist on separate Magento installations, then you need to purchase the extension separately for each domain.
Can I request a free trial?
Dolphin doesn't provide a free trial of extensions. But we have "90 Days of Free Support" and "45 Days Moneyback Guarantee". Instead of a free trial, most of our Magento Extensions have demos where you can see how our modules work.
Do you have an installation service?
Yes, we provide installation services. You can buy it when ordering an extension.
Are Dolphin products compatible with All extensions and themes of other providers?

Dolphin products work well with All extensions and themes from other providers. If there is a contradiction, we will do our best to fix it until it is 100% resolved. If you face any technical issues, please create a ticket to receive help from our professionals.

How to send customization requests for your extensions?

If you need any customization or additional features in the extension then don't hesitate to Contact Us, so you can click on the Contact Us tab and leave your requests. As soon as we get your request we will get back to you soon.

What is Magento 2 Frequently Bought Together?

Magento 2 Frequently Bought Together is best sales drives extension to purchase more, and increase the conversion rate.

Can I set the number of products for Frequently Bought Together extension?

Yes, you can set the number of products for Frequently Bought Together extension.

Where is displayed Frequently Bought Together block?

Frequently Bought Together block position can set content bottom, before related products, after upsell products, etc in the product page.

Is it possible for the customer to purchase only selected products from bought together product list?

Yes, the customer can buy the only selected products.

Is it compatible with the latest Magento version?

Yes, it is compatible with the latest Magento version.

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Version: 1.0.0

Magento Compatibility: 2.3.*, 2.4.*

ReleaseNote: First Release.

Version: 1.0.1

Magento Compatibility: 2.4.*

ReleaseNote: Bug Fixed.

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