Magento 2 Administration Extensions

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Having an effective administrator in your e-commerce website is one of the most valuable assets that you are providing it. It is thereby holding a significant position within your business. It is the reason why various Magento service providers are now coming up with Magento extensions for administration for supporting the Management related services of various E-Commerce businesses.

Some of our wide range of Administration extensions includes customer attributes, call for price, product labels, required login, auto invoice, and shipment, catalog image resizer, free shipping bar, custom order number and others. These are some of the extensions with which you can properly handle the administrator part of your e-commerce portal. For example, you need to provide 24 into 7 customer service to best users' experience. Apart from that, you also have to provide them other services like Auto invoicing, free shipping, so that you can aim for both new and returning customers.

Other range of Magento 2 Administration Extension includes product custom tabs, frequently bought together, wallet and reward points, import-export products reviews, predefined admin order comments, category import-export, payment restriction, shipping restrictions, product custom options template, CMS import and export, help desk, delete orders, admin review notification, login as customers, convert guest to customers, customer activation and lots more. The list is never-ending.

Scroll below to have a glimpse at each and every Magento 2 Administration Extension. All you need to do is grab the best of our Magento extension and implement it on your website. At present, there are various administration extensions for Magento in the market, but at Dolphin web solution, you will be getting the best and genuine Magento extension products; and that too at affordable rates.