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Managing an e-commerce business is indeed a tough job if you don't have the proper add-ons and extensions in your portal. Being an E-Commerce service provider, it is your first job to promote your products and services in a simplified manner; so that you can attract more users to your business. At Dolphin web solution, we have several Magento promotion extensions that you can use or in your mobile and web applications.

Some of the latest Magento 2 promotions extensions that Dolphin web solution deals with include promotion bar, product level, Free shipping bar, Frequently bought together, Wallet and reward points, Customer-specific discount, Product stock notification, Zipcode COD check, Product inquiry, Shop by brand and Review reminder.

In the promotion bar section, you can go for displaying some of the catchy banners and promos related to your products and services; so that the customers can be aware of all the special discounts and deals that you are offering. In this way, you can draw in more users to your e-commerce portal system.

In the Product Level section, you need to put a tag on your products. E-commerce sites these days put a discount tag or percent on each of their products for various promotional purposes.

Free shipping bar is another Magento promotions extension that you can use for enticing the user's attention. For example, you are keeping the terms and conditions about free shipping that the users can utilize if they purchase a product of a certain amount.

Frequently bought together is another type of extension which is also commonly used by e-commerce service providers. As the users scroll down once they open a certain product page, they can see the products that are often frequently brought by the other users. This type of extension is best when it comes to selling other products along with original products that were preferred by the customer earlier.

Next, come to the Wallet and reward points is this extension is another Magento 2 promotion extension that can entice the users to buy more products in order to gain a specific wallet or reward points system. Most of the E-Commerce merchants have now started utilizing the customer-specific discount extension. With the segregation of the customers based on their purchases, E-commerce websites now a days consider the premium customers and offer them the best prices and so that they remain their loyal advocates.

Product stock notification extension can help users to find the products that are available over the portal and which products have gone out of stock. Zipcode COD check extension helps the users in checking out the feasibility of delivery in their postal code.

With the Product inquiry extensions, the customers can now check out and ask queries about certain products by posting questions with this amazing extension. Next, with the Shop by Brand Magento 2 promotions extension, you are providing your users with the ease of shopping the products from the brand of their choice. Review reminder is yet another crucial Magento extension, as this is something that determines the success of your website. This extension asks the users to give a review after they purchase a product.

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