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Review Reminder extension encourages your customers to share their reviews by automatically sending them review reminder emails and auto reward them for a first product review.

  • Auto-send review reminder email base on configuration.
  • Admin can send reminder emails manually from the backend.
  • limit reminder sent per order.
  • Come with predefined email templates.
  • Send coupon code as a reward for a first product review.
  • Extension work with multi-store functionality.
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    User Guide
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2.3.*, 2.4.*
  • Developed By Certified Developers
    Developed By Certified Developers
  • Trusted Quality
    Trusted Quality
  • 90 days of free support
    90 Days of Free Support
  • 45 Day Moneyback Guarantee
    45 Day Moneyback Guarantee
  • Paid on-demand Customisation
    Paid on-demand Customisation
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Our market and customers tend to move around on a review system for their purchases. Of course who else will not? Reviews help us to think before buying on investing in shopping. Indeed saves our time, effort and money and the same is with our extension that standardizes the review process in a more apt format.

For every single product you purchase, the extension allows you to add a review by getting reminded automatically via an email. This is how you gain trust in purchasing. Admin has the ability to choose to send review reminders through automatic/manual or set the no. of time you send reminders. He has full control to configure the time/date of reminders as per his desire.

The admin can also set a coupon code for its customers which encourages more shopping. Once a customer is done with submitting a review, no reminders would be sent.


  • Easy to Configure

    Easy to Configure

    Admin can easily configure this extension as per there need from the back-end.

  • Schedule Auto-Send Review Reminder Emails

    Schedule Auto-Send Review Reminder Emails

    Review reminder email will auto send to customers using cron once the order is completed.

  • Manually Send Reminder Email

    Manually Send Reminder Email

    Admin can send a review reminder email to any customer from the backend on a single click.

  • Set Limit of Reminder Sent Per Order

    Set Limit of Reminder Sent Per Order

    Admin can set the limit for send reminder emails per order from the configuration.

  • Manage the gap between two reminders

    Manage the gap between two reminders

    Admin can schedule an automatic reminder for an email at a gap of specific days.

  • Keep In Touch With Customers

    Keep In Touch With Customers

    Keep in touch with your customers for a product review by scheduled an auto review reminder email.

  • Automatically send coupon code

    Automatically send coupon code

    The system will automatically send a coupon code for a first product review.

  • Build Trust With New Customers

    Build Trust With New Customers

    Store with too many good reviews is likely to build a higher customer trust than the one with no product review.

  • Predefine email templates

    Predefine email templates

    Predefined and well-formatted email template is available with this extension.

  • Multi-Store Supported

    Multi-Store Supported

    Extension support multi-store functionality, configure it as per your business need.


  • Admin configuration

    Admin configuration

    • Auto reminder email will be sent to the customer using cron if Send Email Automatically is Yes.
    • Admin can choose customer groups to send auto-reminder email from the configuration.
    • Admin is enabled to schedule an automatic reminder for an email at a gap of specific days.
    • Admin can set the maximum number of reminders to get sent.
  • Schedule review reminder email

    Schedule review reminder email

    • When the order is completed then the system will send email automatically to the customer after some days based on configuration.
    • Admin can schedule a gap between two emails and also they can set maximum reminders limit from the configuration.
  • Auto-send review reminder emails

    Auto-send review reminder emails

    The system will send an auto review reminder email to the customer base on the configuration. Customers will get a direct link in an email to review the products.
  • Auto-send coupon code as a reward.

    Auto-send coupon code as a reward.

    Automatically send a coupon code to the customers via email once they provide a first product review.
  • Manage reminders

    Manage reminders

    When the order process is completed, the order detail gets added automatically into the review reminder list separated by the items. Admin is also enabled to send a reminder email manually from the list. In case, a customer has already submitted a review no automatic or manual reminders can get sent further.
Can I use Dolphin extension in multiple domains?
Yes, our license allows you to use our extension on multiple domains if they exist under the same Magento instance. If the multiple domains exist on separate Magento installations, then you need to purchase the extension separately for each domain.
Can I request a free trial?
Dolphin doesn't provide a free trial of extensions. But we have "90 Days of Free Support" and "45 Days Moneyback Guarantee". Instead of a free trial, most of our Magento Extensions have demos where you can see how our modules work.
Do you have an installation service?
Yes, we provide installation services. You can buy it when ordering an extension.
Are Dolphin products compatible with All extensions and themes of other providers?

Dolphin products work well with All extensions and themes from other providers. If there is a contradiction, we will do our best to fix it until it is 100% resolved. If you face any technical issues, please create a ticket to receive help from our professionals.

How to send customization requests for your extensions?

If you need any customization or additional features in the extension then don't hesitate to Contact Us, so you can click on the Contact Us tab and leave your requests. As soon as we get your request we will get back to you soon.

What is the purpose of Review Reminder Magento 2?

The purpose of Review Reminder Magento 2 allows you to add a review by getting reminded automatically by email and auto reward them for a first product review.

Can I set for a specific customer group?

Yes, you can set a specific customer groups from the backend.

Will customers rewarded after submitting their first review?

Yes, customers will get rewarded by coupon code after submitting the first product review.

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Version: 1.0.0

ReleaseNote: First Release.

Magento Compatibility: 2.3.*, 2.4.*

Version: 1.0.1

Release Note: Magento 2.4.4 Compatible.

Magento Compatibility: 2.4.4 and later

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